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Hello! A message to prospective and returning clients: As of December 2016, I am currently on maternity leave and will not be taking appointments until I return in Spring/Summer of 2017 (to be determined). Happy trails, until we meet (again)!

Confidence. Empowerment. Success.  These are the principles upon which The Image Coach is founded. As a certified image consultant, I realize that the image you present to others each and every day has a hand not only in your self-esteem, but your success as well.  Whether we like it or not, appearances have a hand in first impressions.  Let me help you make your best one, all while staying true to your own personal style. With my comprehensive wardrobe management and style services, together we can make positive changes in your life, ushering in happiness and good fortune.  Contact me today to start your journey.


[Photo:  Leah O’Connell, Firefly Photography]

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  • Just wanted to tell you... I went to my two-day business meeting in Tampa, and received some great feedback on my new 'look.' Here's what they said: 'I see a softer look... I don't know who you are working with, but she's doing a GREAT job!' 'I love the colors you're wearing! They really make your eyes POP. This new look helps draw people into your eyes, which are the windows to your soul. Leads to deep connection with you.' 'You look BEAUTIFUL!'

    Diana Furr (Author, Speaker, Life Success Coach), ChampionsofDestiny.com

  • I can't say enough about how helpful working with Dana has been for me. I'm not a big fan of shopping, and I often find myself overwhelmed by the process and frustrated by pulling things off the racks that never look very good on me. I could never identify the problems to make smarter choices. Not only did Dana solve that problem by taking away the guesswork and anxiety, she was also highly efficient, hitting several high-yield stores in a short period of time. I walked away from that first appointment with a much-improved work wardrobe, and more knowledge about how to make good choices on my own. That said, Dana was so great that we've subsequently scheduled a few more shopping consultations, and I've been equally happy with those trips too. I now get compliments from other professional women on my work outfits, and that makes me feel just a bit more confident about the work itself. In addition, Dana is just a kind, calm person who is the perfect balance between being direct and clear about her thought process, while making sure I felt great every step of the way. Thank you, Dana!

    Allison Atteberry, Professor

  • "I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help!!! I feel like a million dollars - and everyone is commenting on how cute I look! I have worn my new clothes so many places, and everywhere I go I get, "You look so good!" And I think, "I am just wearing the right clothes now!"

    Kelly Kaufman

  • I thoroughly enjoyed working with Dana to update my wardrobe. She came to my home to do a closet assessment, so she could see my style and what I currently had. She did a body assessment and gave me tips on color and styles that would work well for me. Once she knew what I needed and wanted, she went to the mall and did research on which stores had what I needed. This saved us much time on our shopping day, which was very focused, productive and fun. She helped me to consider styles that I would not have looked at if I was on my own, and that helped to broaden my wardrobe variety. She also suggested a tailor, for those items that needed a bit of work to fit just right. She not only assisted with career and casual clothing in all categories (dresses, skirts, sweaters, tops, blazers, pants) but also suggested coordinating jewelry. Bottom line, what a rich experience for me! I now feel confident and coordinated and have many choices whenever I get ready to step out of the house!

    Ann Rebera, Nurse Educator

  • Dana helped our sales professionals "kick it up a notch" with their appearance. She was positive in her approach and never made anyone feel embarrassed or ashamed of their current attire, but rather talked about how to make things really "snap." Our team members are the front line image for our business, and Dana helped us take things to the next level.

    Joe DiGirolamo, Primary Eyecare

  • Dana is a great Image Consultant. She helps to determine the best colors for you to wear to make you shine. She also helps to sharpen your look depending on your work and activities.

    Carmon Jenkins, HR Professional

  • I can't tell you how delighted I am with the the results of our consultation. I have had a few wonderful shopping trips...I am following all your advice and finding some lovely colors and fabrics. I used to buy based on one dimension of a garment - now I know to combine color, style, an appropriate fit. What a great investment our consultation was. It is fun dressing myself rather than stressful and I am much more confident in how to put things together. I am very comfortable with the colors you steered me to!

    Judy Grissmer, Retiree

  • The color consultation was really helpful. I no longer bother with things outside my range of colors, as I know I will not look good in them, and they will end up at the back of the closet!